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You are a brand new hire at Daddy Bigbuck's Cranking Industries. It's time to stick it to the boss's son, Gary, and crank it till you make it.

Crank Dat is a tycoon game that makes heavy use of the Playdate's most defining feature, the crank. Cranking earns you money! Purchase crank upgrades or hire minions to multiply your cash. Every dollar you earn will help you excel at your job, purchase life upgrades, and eventually get revenge on your bitter rival.

The game, all assets, and music were created within the Game Jam timeline. Designed and created by Harlyson. Art by Geewizz.



Install instructions

Thanks for trying out CrankDat! To install the game, take the downloaded CrankDat.pdx file and go to https://play.date/account/sideload/

Once you do, follow the instructions and you will have your game!

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